Monday, October 7

1. Bearbrick Medicom 2011 Klaus Haapaniemi [70$] 2. Takenaka Bento Box [30$] 3. Minerals [4$-USA only] 4. Green floral cushion cover [42$] 5. Leather Keychain [20$] 6. Deena & Ozzy holographic plateform shoes [urban outfitters] 7. Chloé eau de parfum 8. Essie nailpolish in Stylenomics & Material girl 9. Michael Kors jet set wallet [140$] 10. Pandora pretzel charm [40$] 11. DKH Silk scarf [130$] 12. Rayban Erika sunglasses 13. Dr Martens #1460 smooth black [160$] 14. Clare Vivier mini sac [200$] 15. ゴジラSake bottle 
1. Fabrikor Display Case [Ikea 200$] 2. Swiss diamond crêpe pan [125$] 3. Vitamix Blender [600$] 
4. Honey jar & stick [40$] 5. Le Creuset round Dutch oven [360$] 6. Geo Bowl [?] 7. KitchenAid mixer [350$] 8. Hannex slow cooker [70$] 9. Cake & Bread knife [24$] 10. Breakfast bowl [14$] 11. Glass coaster [Anthropology 10$] 12. GS Avalon utensil set [80$] 13. Porcelain baking dish [28$] 

Thursday, September 12

love, love, love these patterns & tiles from my pinterest board "motif". Don't you!?

Tuesday, July 16

A few pictures from my weekend camping trip with Loup. When I first got out of the car there were so many bugs that I wanted to go back home. I'm glad I stayed, I made it out alive with only 2 bites on my butt : ) We were the only humans in site, 1hour deep into the woods with a whole lake to ourselves. 
Yay camping! 

Tuesday, May 7

60% of my instagram feed is dogs, so i thought it would be appropriate to put this post together; my most favorite insta-dogs!! 


Friday, April 26

Let's take a little break from fashion! One of my new years resolutions was too start cooking more often. The amount of money I spend on feeding myself is crazy, but it's only because I eat out all the time :( Most of the things I eat, i know i can make myself for much less. SO! Moving into my new apartment on April 1st was the perfect occasion to start my cooking resolution. This is one of the meals i'm really proud of. Like, REALLY proud of! It was easy, and it was amazingly delicious! It tasted really mexican and made me crave summer deeply  

I found this recipe on Pinterest (where else?!) When I saw the list of ingredients I got a little hesitant 'cause i thought it would be really spicy. So I tweaked a few little things but mainly I decided not to use jalapeño peppers. And I didn't find any Chile powder so i used Chili powder instead which I newly LOVE and put on everything!

Here is my version of the recipe, it serves one big-ass plate or 2 smaller ones. 

1 Atlantic salmon fillet
Olive oil
Freshly ground sea salt & pepper
Chili powder

1/2 large grapefruit
1 small, firm but ripe avocado
1/2 small minced red onion
1 Tbs. minced fresh cilantro
Fresh juice from 1 lime 

Before you start, preheat your oven at 375 degrees. Then you prepare the salsa. I peeled the grapefruit like an orange and removed all the extra white bits. I carefully removed the membrane and extracted the grapefruit from the...sockets? (You want the raw grapefruit, nothing else) I cut them into cubes. Then I cut up the avocado and chopped up the onion and cilantro. Mix everything carefully into a bowl. 
(I thought about mushing everything together like guacamole but I stopped myself, not knowing if it was still gonna taste good). Season with lime juice, salt and pepper. Set aside.

On to the fish! Season the salmon filet with olive oil, salt, pepper and chili powder. Pop into the oven until cooked in the middle, about 18mins. Once its cooked, scoop the salsa over your fish and
ENJOY! I know i did : )

Friday, April 19

Source | Pictures from different sources. Artwork by me
I picked up on some old / current eye makeup trends that I still can’t get enough of. I don’t know who has the time to paste sequins to their face in 2013, but let’s admit it, it's prettyyy! These would all be great makeup ideas for an event or a party since they are a little time consuming and require things we most likely don’t carry around in our makeup bag. If you’re feeling ready to attack one or more of these looks, here’s what you need to arm yourself with: Colored mascara (Estée Lauder & Dior are your best bets!), some eyeliner & eyeshadow in bright colors, some eyelash glue and sequins! Have fun experimenting! Even just a line of bright eyeliner works wonders to brighten up an outfit. 
Would you try these out?

Saturday, April 13

Source | Leif

I am more and more obsessed with these ceramic jars by Ben Fiess. I can't justify buying a 120$ jar for the moment, so I limit myself to dreaming of lining them up on a shelf one day! One for flour, one for salt, one for sugarrrr and one for...well good mesure! I wish :) I love the work of Ben Fiess. It isn't the first time I stalk him on the internets; I love his process and i especially love how he documents everything. I feel like i am that way as well. Always documenting somehow. It's great to see all his samples stacked neatly in a box. Almost as attractive as the work itself. I am crushing big time on ceramics lately for some reason. It just looks so damn GOOD! 


Monday, April 1

Source | Tmagazine

Pretty bedazzled things. It's so good to be a girl, no? 

Saturday, March 9

Some of my photography. I took these at the Biodôme in Montreal. Every year they have an event called "papillons en liberté" and i try not to miss it. It's amazing to be in a room where hundreds of butterflies are flying overhead. They are such beautiful creatures! Have you ever seen Linden Gledhill's butterfly photography? He takes these amazing closeups of the wings and the result is simply mind blowing. Check it out here : )


Thursday, March 7

Source | La maison d'Anna G | Hunch | Lonny | Habitusliving | @rick_poon instagram
Craving July 1rst; moving day. Craving cute kitchens. Craving little mason jars filled with spices and other staple ingredients. Craving space full of light. Craving green plants. Craving a mini bar filled with fancy alcohol and glassware. Craving beautiful, feminine tiles. CRAVING SPRING! ahhh, that is all (◕‿◕✿)